The Lozenec Beach Resort project

We would like to introduce you the project of modern apartment complex on coast of the Black Sea, Bulgaria. The project with building licence tries to find its investor to enable growing on one of the most popular places, where inhabitants of Sofia spend their holiday. Complex at beach in Ribarnicata locality, Lozenec resort, consists from 13 residential buildings and public section, in which reception desk, offices, shops, restaurant with large terrace, SPA or fitness centre are located.

The Lozenec resort covers 13 residential buildings with 252 studios and apartments

The studios and apartments in the Lozenec resort feature space area from 30 m2 to 150 m2. Most of them feature view to the see and superb beaches covered with fine golden sand. The beaches around the Lozenec are distributed in small picturesque bays and feature soft entry to the sea.

Whole complex is designed by the „Atelie 52“ architectonic studio and can be distinguished from other project located on the Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea at first sight. The Lozenec Beach is outstanding by its original architecture, impressive design and use of first-class materials.

Detailed information for investors

Premises area:

Built-up area - 4 346 m2
Total gross area - 22 715 m2
Total area of apartments - approx. 18 700 m2
Underground parking lot - approx. 1 000 m2

13 residential buildings include 252 studios and apartments with individual area from 30 m2 to 150 m2 with majority of apartments with area from 40 m2 to 60 m2. Individual areas can be put together. The interior facilities of the apartments were designed by the designers team and the apartments can be completely fitted with tailored furniture.

Public part of the complex includes reception desk, offices (approx. 357 m2), shops (approx. 308 m2) and restaurant with approximately 120 places and a terrace (approx. 320 m2). In addition, the complex features internet room, playroom with billiard, children corner (approx. 63 m2) or cabinet for a physician (approx. 26 m2) and a kitchen sector (approx. 402 m2). There are also underground garage with 33 parking places (1,069 m2) and 60 outdoor parking places, technical rooms for the premises maintenance and administration and own washing room. To get better idea please see Video to the Lozenec Beach Resort project.

Public part

Residential part

  • Reception desk and offices (approx. 357 m2)
  • Shops (approx. 308 m2)
  • Restaurant with approx. 120 places.
  • 13 residential buildings
  • 252 studios and apartments
  • Area from 30 m2 to 150 m2

Overview of apartments in the Lozenec Resort

Název Typ Rozloha Počet pokojů Výhled na moře
A 101 apartmán 35 m2 2 ano
A 102 apartmán 70 m2 4 ano
C 101 studie 110 m2 3 ne
A 101 apartmán 35 m2 2 ano
A 102 apartmán 70 m2 4 ano
C 101 studie 110 m2 3 ne

Relax and rest zones

Several pools connected in one large water area can be used for relax and rest. In addition. the visitors can enjoy fitness and SPA centre with area of 212 m2. The centre includes a reception desk, dress rooms, toilets, showers, sauna, steam bath, relax room and the wet procedure and massage rooms.

Building licence

The legally valid building permit no. 216 for construction of the complex was issued on the 6th November 2007 and its applicability is extended to 2018. Legally valid building licence no. 48 for construction of the transformer station and service line to the distribution network issued on the 8th April 2009 and legally valid building licence no. 81 for construction of the external water supply system and sewer system issued on the 13th May 2009 are available, too.

Contacts for investors of the Lozenec Resort

Do you want to become the investor of the Lozenec Beach Resort project? Do not hesitate and contact us!

  • +420 777 457 220
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What was said and written on the Lozenec Resort project

At first sight, the project distinguishes from the similar projects built on the Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea by its architecture, design and focus on use of the high-quality materials.

Ing. Jan Novák, planner

Example the Lozenec Beach Resort in detail

The Lozenec Beach Resort project

The Lozenec Beach Resort project

The Lozenec Beach Resort project

The Lozenec Beach Resort project

The Lozenec Beach Resort project

Do you want to become the investor of the project? Do not hesitate and contact us!

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Contact data

DBK Invest a.s.
Vratza, ul. Krastio Balgariata 13 A.
IČO: 106620938.

Ground premises owned by DBK invest.:
Ground premisesGround premises, for which the legally valid building licence is issued and on the the project will be realised. (16 528 m²)


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