Locality: Lozenec, southern Bulgaria

When it is talked about Lozenec, local people surely imagines long and wide beaches, cerulean and transparent sea, picturesque view to the rocky cape or pleasant restaurants and cafés. Lozenec features stunning and exotic atmosphere and its visit can be highly recommended.

Several words on beautiful village of Lozenec

The village of Lozenec lays within the stone-throw distance from Kiten and Carevo. It is cuddled between several camps, large number of villas and new hotels. The village is only 84 years old and was established by people with romantic spirit, who desired to live at the splendid sea. The first inhabitants arrived to these places at spring of 1924 from adjacent village of Velika, in which the majority of population is created by expatriates from Odrin Thrakia. The people arrived to the area of present Lozenec due to cry of sea-gulls and whisper of sea, as their descendants tell today. Originally, the new settlement was named Emberli acc. to name of one popular specie of the vine. The eloquent name Lozenec (Loza = vine), which take a root due to high amount of vineyards near it, was born later.

Today, the village is known by its beaches in localities of former camps South, Coral or Oasis. And similarly as the beach in close proximity of the village, all beaches are clean, safe, free of sub-water dents and rocks, with shallows and sand dunes. For sake of variability, the mountain crests of the Strandja legendary mountains are drawn up westward of Lozenec. Lozenec with cerulean and transparent sea, picturesque view to the rocky cap, pleasant restaurants and cafés or with excellent potential for surfing simply features splendid atmosphere.

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Vratza, ul. Krastio Balgariata 13 A.
IČO: 106620938.

Ground premises owned by DBK invest.:
Ground premisesGround premises, for which the legally valid building licence is issued and on the the project will be realised. (16 528 m²)


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